Emma Peel Yoga    

Emma teaches a dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Her classes through harmonising the breath, body and mind can be adapted for a power yoga practice or a more restorative experience.

As an individual, Emma always had a need for physical exercise and never believed Yoga could bring the same satisfaction as a long run or gym workout. Through her Yoga journey, Emma discovered a method of not only working the physical body in ways she never thought possible, but simultaneously bought a sense of peace and achievement to the rest of her life.

Emma is an energetic and inspired individual who after many years of working in media, embarked on a personal journey to discover more about the benefits of Yoga. Emma experienced first hand, the healing powers of Yoga and with this passion has a strong desire to share this vision.

Emma is a Yoga Alliance Certified Vinyasa Flow instructor who teaches with passion and love for the Self.


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